Through a large number of consulting assignments in recent years, I have built up extensive knowledge in the field of taxation of crypto assets and other blockchain applications.

My "history" with crypto assets began in 2014, when a new exciting client called Coinfinity GmbH gave me the chance of dealing intensively with crypto assets and their tax treatment.

Natalie Enzinger

In March 2017, in cooperation with Bitcoin Austria, I gave a lecture on Bitcoin & tax law in Vienna at the House of Nakamoto. In 2017 I provided tax advice to the first “Initial CoinOffering ” in Austria called “ Herocoin” .

As a board member of the DAAA association, it is important to me to clarify open tax issues in connection with digital assets. This is the only way Austria can establish itself as an attractive location for the blockchain community. Lectures and publications on the subject of crypto assets and taxes also form a regular part of my work.

From autumn 2019 I took over the management of the "Crypto-Assets" course at the Academy of Tax Advisors and Auditors. In this 6-day course I pass on my knowledge in the field of crypto assets and taxes, together with other experts.

In addition to young start-up companies from the crypto and blockchain sectors, our clients also include private individuals who invest their assets in crypto assets.

Tax consultancy services for crypto assets