In the course of my studies in business administration, I came across Ethereum and Smart Contracts in 2017 while researching business model innovations. In the months and years that followed, I delved deeper and deeper into the crypto topic area and its online community on Twitter. Today I can say that I possess a very comprehensive knowledge and understanding of crypto assets and their applications.


Furthermore, I have application knowledge of central and decentralised trading platforms ( Binance , Kucoin , Bybit , Bittrex , Bitpanda , Uniswap , Pancakeswap etc. ). I work in various ecosystems (e.g. Terra, Cosmos , Secret, Avax ) and actively try to participate in current developments such as NFTs, Play2Earn and DEFI 2.0.

At the beginning of 2021 I also became more involved with the crypto tax tools CoinTracking , Koinly and Accointing . By working as a crypto asset consultant, I was able to acquire even more knowledge and user skills in this regard, which is why I now also see this as part of my area of expertise. In particular, the analysis of transactions and the elimination of omissions in data preparation are areas in which I specialise.

Consulting services on crypto tax tools and crypto assets